Visit us with your grade

Dear teachers,
Thank you for your interest in visiting our farm! However, we are
planning major construction on our farm in the spring of 2021. Part of the
stable will be demolished and a new farm shop with butcher shop will be
replaced. This turns a large part of the farm into a construction site. You
also understand that the combination with school children is then not
ideal. Because it is impossible for us to know a proper planning of the
work well in advance, we have decided not to host any schools next
spring. We expect to be accessible again by the 2021-2022 school year.
Reservations will not be possible until November 2021.
We thank you for understanding!
Ann and Raf
Thank you in advance for your understanding and see you soon!
A class visit, a boring visit ??? No, it is not ! No technical explanation of
farm management for pre-schoolers and primary school children, but an
animated DIY tour adapted to the age and the weather. For the
youngest, the emphasis is on discovering, feeling, seeing, smelling, ...
the elderly are already given more information about the origin of the
meat. But they too are still rolling up their sleeves.
What we are definitely going to do is the following:
* pet and admire animals (bulls, goats, rabbits, chickens, sheep, pony, ..)
* feeding animals
* straw climbing
* tractor
* "working" with wheelbarrows and brushes
We receive 2.5 year olds to college students.
Half a day or a whole day on the farm can be reserved for toddlers. A
tour for the primary school takes half a day.
For secondary school students and students we provide a guided tour of
about 1h30 with an explanation of the operation of the farm and we go
deeper into the origin of the meat, the environment, etc.
A visit to the farm can be combined with a walk in the Silsombos.
You can check availability in our calendar.
Contact us for prices and formulas for large groups.