Farm shop

Opening houres : 
Wednesday / Friday:  1pm - 7pm
Saturday:                      9am - 1pm
By appointment:         Call us and we will be happy to open our shop for you.
You can also pay with bancontact or via a payment application.
On Wednesdays there is always a wide range of fresh meat for sale, on Fridays and Saturdays the range of fresh meat is more limited. There is always enough frozen stock available.
Take a look at the calendar to find out which varieties are fresh and when.
We sell the following types of meat:
*Belgian White Blue 
*Belgian White Blue veal
*BBQ-meat (spring and summer)
*Silsommeat (Limousin) 
*Lamb meat 
*Duroc pork meat (comes from Schurmans Yvan, Duroc De Riegel from Kortenaken)
*Organic chicken meat (from chicken breeders who work according to the organic principle of the Belki slaughterhouse)
You will also find:
* Dairy products from La ferme du Tambourin de Rebecq, namely fresh milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, rice pudding, etc.
* Eggs from Boerder-Ei Jacqueline de Glabbeek
* Fruit preparations from Gezond van Bij Ons from Sint-Truiden, namely jams, syrups, jellies, applesauce, elderberry syrup, cherries and pears in syrup, ...
* Fruit juice from Den Boogerd de Diest, namely apple juice, apple-cherry juice, ...
* Rapeseed products from Hof ​​Ter Vrijlegem d'Asse, namely honey, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, oil, ...
* Sparkling wine from Chardonnay Meerdael from Oud-Heverlee
* Gins and Jenever from the Ground Control distillery in Pepingen
* Avocado and Limoncello from 't Geel Genot de Ternat
* Smoked salmon from the Wauters smokehouse in Wilsele
* Gift baskets
* Small bundles of hay and straw (winter 2020-2021 out of stock)