Visit us with your family

You can visit the farm with your family, pet the animals, relax, ...
Opening hours:
wednesday and friday: 13h-19h
saturday: 9h-13h
On arrival you register in the shop, here we will ask you to leave some
basic information (mandatory access control), you can disinfect your
hands and you will receive an access card with instructions. After your
visit you bring it back and you can make your purchases in the farm
Please limit your visit to a maximum of 45 minutes. The tractors and
bicycles will not yet be available and the toilet will not be available yet. It
is not possible for us to disinfect this in between.
Reservations in advance are not necessary. If there are too many people
on the farm, we will be forced to temporarily close them.
Admission is free, but it is nice if you make a small purchase in the farm
shop after your visit.
Some basic rules
* The animals may all be petted. However, they have all gone through a
lockdown period as well, so don't blame them if they don't always allow it
with the same amount of sense.
* It is forbidden to feed the animals. They are getting more than enough
from us, it would only give them a stomach ache.
* Entering the meadows and stables is always at your own risk. So keep
an extra eye on small children and large children always stay close to
their bubble.
* Wear your mouth mask, keep 1.5m distance from other bubbles and
leave the work equipment (brushes, etc.).